Welcome to the home page of “Our Baptist Heritage”. This site is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Baptist history. A man once said, “A nation that does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about…” Not only is this true for a nation, but it is also true for our Baptist churches.

      Our Baptist Heritage is a local church ministry of Bluestone Independent Baptist Church where Dr. Ryan McGuire has been pastoring since April of 2000. Dr. McGuire travels to many states preaching and teaching about the true heritage of the people called Baptist. Also, he takes large and small groups of people on Baptist History Tours from Georgia to Maine. Furthermore, he holds conferences explaining why the King James Bible is the only Bible for the English speaking people.

      This website includes several of his works. Please take the time to notice many of the things that ourbaptistheritage.org has to offer. Some of these that we highly recommend are:

     Photos—View numerous Baptist history sites that pertain to some of the greatest churches that America has known. Tour the Sandy Creek, Buffalo Ridge, Welsh Tract, and Kiokee Baptist Churches. Then, look at the tombstones of great patriarchs of the faith such as John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes, Shubal Stearns, John Weatherford, and James Ireland.

      Articles—New articles are published weekly that pertain to the history of the Baptists as well as the King James Bible. In just a couple of minutes you can learn short lessons about your heritage as a Baptist and your hope in a Bible.

     Books—What are the best books for Baptist history? You can stop guessing, because Our Baptist Heritage has a list for you. View the Books section to find a listing of the classic Baptist historians that are reliable. Then, click on the link to read these valuable resources. Also included are free downloads from the printing ministry of Our Baptist Heritage. For years Bluestone Independent Baptist Church has been printing and distributing free literature that relates to American History, Baptist History, and Biblical studies. You can read or download these materials for use in preaching and teaching at your local church.

     Videos—View one of the many clips taken from Baptist history documentaries produced by Our Baptist Heritage. Travel into New England to behold the great testimony that John Clarke and Obadiah Holmes left behind. Go into North Carolina and witness one of the greatest revivals that America has ever known under the ministry of Shubal Stearns. Follow Dr. McGuire to eight states and over forty locations in "From This Zion" as he unveils the landmarks of ten of Sandy Creek's most powerful preachers.

     Bible Study—One of the most spiritually rewarding things that a child of God can do is exploring their Bible. The Lord teaches us that we should read, search, and study the Word of God daily. Our desire is to assist you in your study of the Scriptures. Therefore, we provide weekly outlines, seed thoughts, and devotionals to further aid your knowledge of the oracles of God.

      Sermons—Finish your tour with a powerful message from some of God’s choice servants. Men such as Lester Roloff, Harold B. Sightler, Oliver B. Greene, Maze Jackson, and Billy Kelly will bless your heart and encourage you to be steadfast in the faith.

     We hope you enjoy these “stones of remembrance”, weekly articles, books, videos, and echoes of the past as you tour ourbaptistheritage.org. May God bless you, and, remember to keep looking up, the Lord is coming soon!


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